It is very difficult

It is very difficult when the only opportunity you have to spend extended periods of time with your children is over the summer. I have beed living this way now for four years. My ex-wife (who has primary physical custody) lives about 3 hours away. I do spend time with my children (ages 7 and […]

A good man in a bad situation need help

I’m a quality black man, trained by my mother to do the right thing. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and take payday loans from reputable providers only, like . I am a good father. Seems all women are not the caliber of my mother, they should be. And now I’m at my wits […]

Summertime parents

Connie and other summertime parents, I am going to guess that you have your children mostly during the summer because the other parent lives far away. what is it like to only see your children mostly during the summer??? and how does that effect the quality of the parent/child bond? I think many dads face […]

A court system is only as bias as we allow it to be

A court system is only as bias as we allow it to be. There are ways to treat the problem. Some elaborate, others simple. Elaborate: In Alabama, a chapter of the National Congress for Fathers & Children goes through the case files of a judge who has a reputation for bias against fathers. They check […]

Fathers day

Fathers Day The Plight of the divorced father The abuse of our children This nation that we live in, I wonder what it stands for? What have we done to the divorced fathers, what have we done to our children? In the interest of what is best for the child have we forgotten our humanity? […]

I see that you are in my state

I see that you are in my state. The only state that has any laws specific to a child having a say in where they want to live is Texas. There are age 12, they can choose. The general rule of thumb is that when a child is 12, the point when a child’s mental […]

Will the kids’ voices be heard?

Hello everyone. When my children visit me, they tell me that my wife is crabby, mean sometimes, and usually ignores them in favor of her daycare kids, cleaning the house, or sleeping. My boys, who are 8 and 9, have told me that they would rather be with me than at home. They are bored […]

Signing this document tells a Judge

Signing this document tells a Judge that you admit she is the custodial parent and you are not. Sadly enough when you get to the point where court documents are drawn, chances are you will be an every other weekend Dad. When that time comes, DO NOT accept an agreement stating that you get the […]

Please help with this request

I have had it with the Rhode island ‘family court’ system. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be enough care to push it to the edge. I need men,women and even kids to help with this area. if you know of anyone in Rhode island please send me their name (please try to cc them), so […]

The wisdom behind this push

I have to personally question the wisdom behind this push. I think that the man should support the child, but if he learns that the child is not his, this should be grounds for a change in custody. The child should not be in the custody of a parent that has violated the marriage contract. […]

A LOT of Mothers

make me sick how they can not see what is best for their children. Let me tell you all one thing…..That I know to be the truth….Everything that they say and do that is going to come back and bite them on their A*S. I promise you. Also I would like to say that there […]

I would have to agree with others

I would have to agree with others who have replied to this post. The time my children spend with me is not visitation. Even though my ex has primary physical custody, our order clearly states that we have joint custody. Regarding my thoughts on the MAFIA site, I think one might be able to make […]

I do not call the time I spend with my children “visitation” time

That’s insulting. Even though you may not be the custodial parent, you are not a visitor, you are a parent to your children. I refer to it as parenting time. Some counties are slowly switching the wording on things such as visitation guildlines to parenting time guidelines. I know it may seem like a minor […]

I went through the stupid site

I went through the stupid site, I even filled out their survey – Fortunately or unfortunately I my divorce is not finalized and is going to trial. I made that known in the comments section. I really hope they call me to verify this and let me tell my side of the story. I most […]